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EmpowerRF by InMode is the most advanced multi-functional platform delivering life-changing women’s wellness therapies. This versatile in-office system provides neuromuscular re-education for weak pelvic floor muscles, relief from stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence and pain, improves blood circulation, remodels tissue, targets subdermal adipose tissue, and strengthens abdominal muscles.


V Tone

VTone is a gentle, FDA cleared technology designed to provide intravaginal electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and neuromuscular re-education to rehabilitate weak pelvic floor muscles, and address stress, urge, and mixed urinary incontinence. Under the supervision of our certified health care providers and treatment with V Tone, you can achieve life-changing results!


Forma V

FormaV is a comfortable, non-invasive treatment that provides uniform volumetric deep heating for tissue remodeling with real-time temperature control. It provides improved blood circulation, muscle pain relief and muscle relaxation. The versatility of this RF technology allows our certified health care providers to deliver customized treatment plans to improve tissue health and your quality of life!

EmpowerRF by InMode

EmpowerRF by InMode

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