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Direct Primary Care

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No insurance? No problem!

Our direct primary care memberships are designed to provide personalized and affordable care without having to worry about insurance coverage, copays, or deductibles. Our focus is you and your family. We provide access to unlimited primary care and sick visits/urgent needs under one monthly flat fee. The monthly membership fee includes:

  • Unlimited primary care visits

  • Unlimited sick/urgent care visits

  • In office procedures

  • After hours care if necessary

  • Direct Messaging with our providers

  • Discounted lab pricing

  • Discounted in office medications

  • 10% off IV infusions (can not be combined with promotions)

  • Discounted weight loss, men's health, women's health pricing


$50.00 billed monthly with adult membership

Adults 18-30

$125.00 billed monthly

Adults 31 and up

$150.00 billed monthly

Family Plan

2 adults (any age) and 2 children $350.00 billed monthly

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